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View from the Shore:
Utah Lake Preservation

Curated by:

David Chapman Lindsay and Kamilla Earlywine

Work by:

Adah Bennion, Bryn Burningham, Kamilla Earlywine, Megan Knobloch Geilman, David Lindsay, Ron Linn, Travis Lovell, Ryan Simmons, Camilla Stark, Jared Tamez, Clinton Whiting, Christopher Woodward

June 30 - July 16

Utah Lake is critical for the ecological stability of Utah Valley. It is the largest freshwater lake in Utah and a habitat for millions of birds, fish, and other wildlife. This body of water has also been a focal point for both Utah artists and those traveling through the region for more than one hundred and fifty years.


In this exhibition, artists were asked to address the aesthetics and environmental impact of the recent proposal to build commercialized islands in the middle of Utah Lake. The proposed islands would collectively span 18,000 acres, housing thousands of new businesses and residents, permanently altering the iconic landscape of Utah, and the centerpiece of our valley.

Any proposal to develop a large portion of our public lands should be confronted with critical scientific inquiry. Such proposals should consider the effects of increased population, including availability of water and other resources, pollution and air quality, preservation of native flora and fauna, and the overall beauty of the landscape. What quality of life are we leaving for future generations? How might the excesses of real estate and commercialization of our valley threaten the beauty of a landscape that has inspired artists and travelers alike for a century and a half?

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