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Justine Hackworth



Artist Statement-

Photography has granted me access to places and people otherwise inaccessible. Yet, I never anticipated this outcome when I started down this road, so it is not the driving force behind my taking pictures. Turning my love for photography into a profession has allowed me to make a living doing what I adore; I feel lucky that my hobby has become my job. But that is not the reason I take pictures.

While I get immense satisfaction from not only taking pictures but also revisiting my photographs years later, these gratifications are not the primary motivators for taking pictures.

The question of why I take pictures has rattled in my head for years. Although I can itemize the merits of making pictures, the list seems more like byproducts, nice benefits, but they don't seem to get at the true reasons.

The truth is, I cannot pinpoint the exact compulsion driving me to take pictures. Yet, I am undeniably grateful that this drive to do so is an integral part of who I am.

University Avenue- Hackworth

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