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Camille Wheatley




Artist Statement

I am an avid wanderer and a sharp observer. The act of strolling leisurely down an urban street, rain or shine, thrills me to my core. In my wanderings, I notice delicate flakes of paint chipping off of a door frame; tendrils of tenuous light creeping through a dust-covered window; an intrepid weed poking through a cracked concrete foundation; the sunlight eating away at a five o'clock shadow cast from a chain-link fence; lines weaving this way and that in a tapestry of texture on a building wall; the color and composition of a crumbling sidewalk juxtaposed with an elegantly crumpled piece of trash.

I collect images of the mundane.

While some photographers focus on the magnificent or stunning, I revel in the quiet, understated moments in our surroundings. I give the seemingly boring a second chance. My photographic passion lies in finding beauty in the banal, seeking majesty in the mundane, and discovering the divine in the otherwise dull details of life.

I rely solely on my iPhone as my photographic instrument. My photographs are pure, unadulterated scenes pulled directly from my environment. I make no edits whatsoever - no lighting adjustments, no flashy filters, no color highlights, etc. What you see is what you get in my moment of seeing something.

I see with clear eyes the little moments that evade a casual passing glance.

By honing in on those little moments, I hope to open others' eyes to the hidden-yet-not-so-hidden magic that continuously surrounds us. Because, as music producer Rick Rubin says, "Sometimes, it can be the most ordinary moment that creates an extraordinary piece of art."

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