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J Kirk Richards



Artist Statement-

At age forty-eight, I create for a lot of reasons: because I feel motivated to create beautiful things, to make a living for my family, to have a flexible work schedule, to make meaning in a world of pain and despair. I have made artwork that tries to understand religious scripture. I have made work that tries to increase community inclusivity and equality. I have made work that tries to recapture some of the aesthetics of the old world and reframe them in a new world setting. My artwork is an expression of ideals I hold dear beauty in nature and architecture, spirituality and spiritual autonomy, the beauty of the human figure, mercy, charity, equality, inclusivity, love, romance, music, revelation, mythology, history and antiquity. I want to wrap up that feeling I feel when strolling through the Tivoli gardens in the same packaging as the feeling I get when in the Museum of Modern Art and create a new gift to myself and to my friends.

Rainbow Winged Dress- Richards

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