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Rebecca Klundt



Artists Statement-

 I see myself as a vessel full of water or creative juice, that is always looking for a way to leak out into the world. It seeks to address unanswered questions and solve riddles which in my case often come in the form of "what can come of this discarded resource?" or

"how can I make the most of what is in front of me?".

As a mom to 5 fun kids, creativity leaked into everything I did with my children and in my home from making a meal from leftovers or from what I could organizing an amazing birthday party on a small budget. It was such a happy way to put myself fully into that role of homemaker. I loved those diorama assignments!

In college I was at home in classes that allowed me to draw from a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials. For me, an art supply store was less inspiring than the local dumpster. In the throw away culture that I live in, I am rich in resources, and I have a job to do. I would not be me without this itch to organize the world.

That is why I create.

Our Peter Has Gone Home- Klundt

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