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Why I Create

Kathryn Knudsen

Moss Boss

Mixed fiber media


I have been creating for as long as I can remember. I create because I have to. Creating is my way of life. I'm in constant need of discovery. I find my mind has to go somewhere, there is a need I have to fulfill. Whether it's simply to keep my hands moving or needing to know what happens when I manipulate materials .

The wonder is so strong, it's very difficult to sit still. I spend very little time planning my pieces. The process is a free fall.

It's as much of a discovery for myself as anyone else. I've recognized that the works that seem to challenge me the most often become the works I feel most fulfilled by. I used to get nervous or frustrated if I felt something wasn't coming together. Now I recognize those moments as leaps in understanding and I think that is what I crave the most.

Moss Boss- Knudsen

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