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Whitney John: Entwine

About a month ago I met a woman who was in the middle of weaving a baby blanket for her soon-to-be-born great-grandson. Sitting at her loom, I could plainly hear the love and care she had for this child that she hadn't even met yet. As she ran her hand over the woven fibers she said something that struck me: "I might not be around when this kid grows up and has a family of his own...but this blanket sure will be!" Immediately I was overwhelmed with reminders of all the handmade things that have been given to me-- a crocheted stocking from my great-grandmother, a knit rabbit from my mom, countless friendship bracelets from girl's camp, blankets from my grandmas etc. 

The textile art that we create and pass on beautifully acknowledges the reality that we'll leave our loved ones behind, but simultaneously harnesses our divine creative abilities to immortalize our love for them. These objects have the capacity to outlive us and link generations, this collection of original oil painting is a celebration of the humble handmade textiles that remind us a truth as simple as the fiber it's made from: That our love fore each other transcends both time and mortality. 

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