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Visions of Heavenly Mother: Curated by McArthur Krishna

Updated: Feb 8

May 7th - June 2nd, 2021

Bethany and I knew our daughters— and many grown ups— were ready to dive into the gospel truth of Heavenly Mother. We knew it would benefit girls’ self worth and divine destiny. We knew it would benefit boys to see a more powerful view of womanhood. We knew that understanding more of the divine model of Heavenly Parents working together could benefit marriages. We believe that embracing truth will bless the whole earth. But in writing A Girl’s Guide to Heavenly Mother and A Boy’s Guide to Heavenly Mother, we hit a very serious challenge. Doctrine says nothing about what She looks like... and we wanted images of her to be real and tangible. However, no ethnicity or culture should have exclusive rights on divinity. She is a GODDESS and needed to be portrayed as expansively as we could imagine. Visions of Heavenly Mother was born — 53 pieces of art from around the world created by artists with their best efforts and brave attempt to show divinity. Artists from New Zealand, Lebanon, Cambodia, Nigeria, South Africa, Philippines, Argentina, USA and more contributed to our vision of Heavenly Mother. They showed their own earthly mother, women they knew, and a Heavenly Mother we yearn for. We hope one of these visions resonates with you. And, most of all, we hope you feel you are LOVED perfectly by your Heavenly Mother. Because, you are.

-McArthur Krishna

Visions of Heavenly Mother features paintings from dozens of LDS artists from around the world. The works featured in the show were used to illustrate the recently published Boy's and Girl's Guides To Heavenly Mother, by McArthur Krishna and Bethany Brady Spalding. Krishna's literary, artistic, and curatorial practices are centered on a narrative toward clarity, communication, and closeness with the divine feminine. Participating artists include:

Katrina Berg, Melissa Kamba Boggs, Joumana Borderie, Esther Candari Christiansen, Crystal Suzanne Close, Lisa Aerin Collett, Ashly Correia, Sherron Valeña Crisanto,

Ben Crowder, Sherron Valeña Crisanto, Rose Datoc Dall, Lisa DeLong, Laura Erekson, Linda Etherington, Rebecca Everett, Sage Gallagher, Michelle Gessell, David Habben, Lisa Jensen, McArthur Krishna, Emilie Buck Lewis, Normandie Shael Luscher,

Shari Lyon, Sopheap Nhem, Richard Lasisi Olagunju, Jenedy Paige, J. Kirk Richards, Kathy Peterson, Kwani Povi Winder, Heather Ruttan, Elizabeth Sanchez, Colby Sanford, Rick Shorten, Allen TenBusschen, Michelle Franzoni Thorley,

Courtney Vander Veur Matz, Samuel Walker, Clint Whiting

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