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J Kirk Richards: The Waters of Mormon

Updated: Feb 8

Join us Friday, August 21st, at 6 pm for a virtual opening of The Waters of Mormon, an exhibition of new paintings by J. Kirk Richards.

Despite two decades of enormous success as an LDS artist, Kirk has largely avoided painting images from the Book of Mormon. Until now. The Waters of Mormon visually tells the story of King Noah, Abinadi's preaching, and Alma's establishment of a secret Christian Church in the wilderness.

This show includes both very small and very large works. Small paintings (5" x 5" or 8" x 8") were generated through a process that replicates Joseph Smith's head-in-hat translation. In addition to the performance art dimension, this procedure allowed Kirk to meditate on Smith's own process for revealing the stories depicted. It also forced a degree of abstraction—bringing images and stories from darkness to light, through a glass darkly. From these small paintings generated in the bottom of a hat, Kirk produced a series of very large pieces—48" x 48".

All the paintings, large and small, will exhibit at Writ & Vision through the end of September. Call Brad if you're interested in scheduling an appointment to view the works in person, including during Fridays virtual opening, or with any other questions about pricing and availability.

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