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Susan Krueger-Barber: Empathic Overload

Please join us this Friday evening for the opening reception for Susan Krueger-Barber's new art exhibit, Empathic Overload, a combination of installation and performance that functions as a meditation on the relationships between mirrors, air, and scapegoats.

Susan Krueger-Barber has lived and worked in Provo for two decades. She completed her BFA at BYU in 2001, and she is currently working on her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is a community activist, and her practices include painting, installation, motherhood, social justice advocacy, and poking the bureaucratic sublime.

She loves Kendall Wilcox.

An artist's performance will start at 7 pm, and will include poetry-reading, maybe some aerobics dancing, and a possible appearance by Art Girl.

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