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Reuven Wallack: Circles

It’s funny. In some ways I’ve made a complete circle regarding my attitude towards

creating art. Back in 1998 when I first started painting, my interest in psychoanalysis led

me to paint quite quickly and then analyze and find unconscious imagery that came out

of the deep recesses of my mind.

Now over 20 years later, my newest work which I believe to be my best yet falls along

similar lines. They consist mostly of color pencil drawings. While doing this work, I

don’t think. That’s right...I don’t think. Well for the most part, I don’t. Sometimes I

pause and think about compositional matters or specific color choice or most overall

when there is a specific object to be drawn. But other than these fleeting matters, I’m

drawing from as near I can from the unconscious. No decisions, no thought, just where

the pencil takes me. This I find to be extremely liberating and produces work which

many times turns out to be quite complex, but in reality I’m producing them in

auto-drive like the cars of the future.

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