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Melissa Tshikamba: Consider the Pearl

Illustrations for a new retelling of the ancient parable, "Hymn of the Pearl"

April 7th - 29th

The majority of the images in this exhibit were created to illustrate Lori Drigg’s retelling of the ancient “Hymn of the Pearl.” In this retelling The Hymn is a spiritually significant tale that spans centuries and answers some of life’s most pressing questions: “Where did I come from?” “Why am I here?” and “What is my pearl (purpose) here?”

Written for an early Christian congregation in the first century AD, the hymn echoes the same theme and motifs found in most classic, cultural tales; namely, the hero’s journey. This journey typically involves a hero embarking on an adventure, learning from experience, overcoming a foe or challenge, winning a victory and returning home transformed.

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