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Katie Payne: A Space for the Contemplation of a Sacred Silence

On Friday, November 6th, at 6 pm Writ & Vision will open an exciting new exhibit featuring the work of Katie Payne. This massive art installation, entitled "A Space for the Contemplation of a Sacred Silence," is comprised of more than a dozen large white fabric panels with hand stitched embroidery. Payne describes the drive behind this impressive project:

"As a Mormon woman, I feel a distinct need for the presence of a female God within my religious experience. If, as Mormonism tells us, we are to become like God, what does that mean for me, since the only God I know is male? There is no record of any general authority telling members to be silent about our Heavenly Mother, yet we rarely speak of Her. With this project, I hope to create a space to honor our Divine Mother, and to make conversation about Her more widespread."

To view this exhibit is to be immersed in it, to walk among and between the panels, with even the sound curated by the artist, and to contemplate the sacred silence it typifies.

The show will run through November 21st, and is free and open to the general public.

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