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Jorge Cocco: Mystic Dreams

A collection of paintings by the esteemed Argentinian painter

September 29th - November 18th

"In this series of images, you will find forms that will remind you of stelae, totems, altars, sacred artifacts, and monuments that contain strange and indecipherable messages that transcend time and space.

"You will see elements and forms that seem part of high-technology mechanics or from an advanced society, "and at the same time you will find textures and symbols that feel primitive and ancestral. By putting together those two elements, old and new, where matter and space converge without defined limits, I make an open invitation to perceive the relativity of time and of our own existence.

"It is captivating still to learn of the different cultures that preceded us, which have left us testimony of their indecipherable myths and their deities. In my art, I paint the reality of an alternate universe that provides us with suggestions of possibilities that each one of us may explore and discover.

"Art may enrich your culture, elevate your spirit, and take you to otherworldly landscapes, but in any case, a work of art serves its purpose and justifies its existence just by being an aesthetic item for decoration."

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