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J Kirk Richards, Marlena Wilding, Michelle Thorley: The Worth of the Souls

Please join us Friday, August 3rd, at 6 PM for the opening of THE WORTH OF SOULS, an exhibition featuring new work by:

MICHELLE FRANZONI THORLEY — a Latina artist, inspired by indigenous and Latin art traditions, whose saturated, brightly colored paintings engage themes of family history and kinship.

MARLENA WILDING — an African-American artist from Washington, she studied visual art, art education, and special education, and currently runs a clothing business in Provo, Utah.

J. KIRK RICHARDS — a local artist whose expressivist religious paintings have shown at Writ & Vision regularly for years now.

These three artists, with diverse backgrounds and styles, will engage the theme of the show in a variety of mediums, from painting to mixed media to sculpture.

Friday's opening reception is free and open to the general public and will coincide with the Downtown Provo Art Stroll.

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