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Esther Hi'ilani Candari: Chosen Vessel

Guest participants:  

Melissa B. Wheeler

Maddison Tenney

An exploration of what we carry within and pour forth. The analogy of the human body as a vessel is used throughout Christian theology. In context of gender roles, the term “vessel” is often used to emphasize a complementarian view of duties where the man is the vessel of divine power or leadership and the woman is the physical vessel of mankind’s continuance. Within the mainstream biblical and broader scriptural narratives, women’s vessel-ship is emphasized when the child carried is a man destined to bear significant power. This interpretation is neither a complete nor doctrinally sound view of the meaning, responsibilities, and gifts that the daughters, and sons, of God are destined to bear. This series works from a female perspective to deconstruct the traditionally simplistic view of vessel-ship. It explores the full breadth of what it means for a woman “to bear” and the negative effects that occur when we limit or hyperfocus on one aspect of bearing. Women may have the capacity to bear nations, but they are also divinely destined to bear power, to bear responsibility, to bear mercy, to bear sorrow, and to bear knowledge. All of this is a part of our journey to become a reflection of our Mother in Heaven who bears all.

February 4th - March 2nd, 2022

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