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Ed Alvarez: 0 Tolerance

Updated: 7 days ago

Eduardo’s style is constantly evolving as he experiments with new mediums, delves into his own psyche, and draws inspiration from current events as well personal life experiences.

He attributes much of his influences to growing up living abroad in different countries due to his father’s work at the UN. Against the backdrop of social change brought about by an authoritarian military regime in Chile during his youth, his art becomes gradually and intentionally more poignant and unsettling. Eduardo aims to bring into question the nature of truth and its perception. There is so much about our world that remains relative and undetermined, even surreal, yet accepted as absolute reality.

A strong personal belief in Christian values and lifestyle guide his artistic journey through this ever-changing reality. Through his art, he aims to communicate daily life experiences, dreams, and introspection more powerfully than with words, allowing the spectator to relish moments large and small, recognize the surrounding beauty, and ultimately treasure being alive.

April 1st - May 5th, 2022

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