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Dynamic Duos

This show explores creativity within relationships and features stunning work by nine couples 

Curated by Esther Hi'ilani Candari

February 10-25, 2023

Creation and creativity within a relationship can be both one of the most fulfiling and the most challenging parts of a relationship. This show explores how nine couples navigate creativity in their personal lives and relationships: how they collaborate, divide, delegate, and support each other through their various processes. While this show illustrates these dynamics through the very literal medium of visual arts, we hope it serves as invitation to viewers to consider the role of creation and creativity in their relationships and how to fulfill their full potential as individuals whose lives have intertwined and conjoined.

Featuring work by Shari & Howard Lyon, Camilla Stark & Rusden Scott, Matthew & Carrie Wilson, J. Kirk & Amy Richards, Emily Larsen & Eric Boothe, Camille & Justin Wheatley, Carly & Grant White, Jethro Gillespie & Jean Richardson, and Esther H. Candari & Steven Christiansen. 

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