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Doorways to Divinity

Curated by McArthur Krishna

​Participating Friends/Artists:

Anne Gregerson

Char Weiler

Claire Tollstrup

Elizabeth Sanchez

Esther Candari

Kathy Peterson

Katrina Berg

Laura Erekson

Laurie Lisonbee

McArthur Krishna

Nicole Woodbury

Rose Datoc Dall

Diwali is the celebration of light over dark. In India, women of the house hang a toran across the doorway-- a festive moniker indicating the house is blessed and protected by deity. You are literally entering sacred ground.


As I think about our earth life as a journey, I want to see it as protected by deity. The experiences may be glorious or demanding— but I want to have the vision to see these moments as part of our Parent’s plan. What I go through, learn from, and grow into is necessary. Experiences are not pointless but a worthwhile culmination. My life is blessed.


I asked some artist friends to create a piece that showed an aspect of a woman’s life. They have outdone themselves. Interpretations of joy, sisterhood, regression, celebration, mourning, learning, resting, work. We all have experienced each of these. Somewhere, someone, right now is in the middle of one of these.  


And so, we present you Doorways to Divinity— enter sacred ground. May our lives be seen as blessed.

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