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Blaire Ostler: Let There Be Light

Please join us Friday evening, November 2nd, at 6 pm for the opening of LET THERE BE LIGHT, an exhibition of new oil paintings by Blaire Ostler.

The “Let There Be Light” collection is inspired by a poem written by the artist, “The Priestess,” that was featured in DOVE SONG: HEAVENLY MOTHER IN MORMON POETRY.

In the beginning was the Word,

and She was God.

She breathed, “Let there be light”,

and shattered absence

with conception.

All was born.

She looked upon the earth,

teeming with a network of life.

And it was good.

LET THERE BE LIGHT is a series of abstract representations of “shattering absence with conception” in Mormon cosmology using vibrant hues and strong contrasting tones. The works here represent the various forms of light: scientific, religious, intellectual, poetic, philosophical, and esthetic. The narrative of how light is found, understood, used, and projected is open to innumerable interpretations, but light is at the core or our existence. It is light that gives us life. It is light that we seek. In all things, let there be light.

Friday's opening reception is free and open to the public, and will coincide with Downtown Provo's Art Stroll.

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