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Adam Sherwood and Lori Reynolds: Light and Loss

Writ & Vision is proud to present a new exhibit, "Light and Loss," featuring the works of two artists: Adam Sherwood and Lori Reynolds, this Friday, March 18th, at 6 pm.

This show is a study in aesthetic contrast in the treatment of similar themes. Though they both trained at BYU, Lori and Adam are very different artists. Lori trained in Berlin, and has been painting delicate and fascinating work, largely in watercolor, for decades. Her work explores mythic places and extraordinary settings in a broad, deliberately rainbow-like color pallet. Adam is younger, and his work consists largely of sculpted figures bound in steelworks. He explores the intersection of consciousness and materiality, of philosophical ideals and bodies bound by instinct.

Their work will show side by side, but as separate exhibits. Adam's show, "Paradise Lost," will take up the front of the gallery as an installation of pieces viewers will spatially navigate. Lori's show, "Love of Light," will hang in the second half of the gallery, a more traditional presentation of framed paintings and drawings with a few interactive surprises.

The show will open this Friday with a reception with the artists. It will run through April 3rd.

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