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Mère Maison

This is an art show about pregnancy, motherhood, and how important & scary it is. 

McKay Lenker Bayer

May 1st - June 29th, 2024

"You are your baby's home," my prenatal yoga teacher told me. As my baby grew, so did his home. And so did my respect and reverence for motherhood. Each of these houses is a tribute-- a small monument-- to the act of creating and nurturing life and all the complexities that come with it. The house is a mother.A mother is a house. Inside you’ll find a waving hand, a symbol of life (past, present, or future.) In this body of work the patterns, colors, and imagery are inspired by two things: First, pregnancy depicted in art history by artists who are mothers. The second, traditionally “feminine” forms of artmaking such as stitching, quilting, and weaving. These types of work consist of tedious, repetitive, small tasks that add up to the most beautiful and important final product. A perfect symbol of motherhood.

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