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Kwani Povi Winder

Native artist, mother, community builder.

Kwani Povi Winder is a young artist with a passion for learning and creating. Her paintings are characterized by vibrant colors and deep emotions. 


Kwani’s subject matters primarily include landscapes, figures, and anything beautiful that the earth has to offer.

Kwani calls herself a stay at home artist.  She does almost all her creating with her daughter at her side, including painting en plein air.  


She loves the outdoors and takes every opportunity she can to paint and learn under nature’s canopy.  She is constantly searching and studying to identify how light and form create beauty.  Her paintings are characterized by vibrant colors and loose impressionistic brushstrokes that work to infuse each piece with life.


Kwani currently resides in Ogden, UT with her husband, Dallen, and two daughters.

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