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Eduardo Alvarez

Eduardo lives and works in Provo with his wife, Ruby, surrounded by his adult children, pets and collections.

Eduardo Alvarez is a Chilean/American artist born in 1958 in Chillán, Chile. Since the beginning of his career in the late 70s, he has pioneered in the use of matter painting and mixed media as a figurative visual art form. As a member of the generation of artists living under an oppressive military regime in Chile, he transitioned in the early 80's into creative direction and photography in the advertising industry while still exploring his personal art practice in a more toned-down capacity.


In early 2001 he moved to Utah, USA with his family, where he has regained his matter painting and mixed media approach with a more abstract tilt. His mixed-media pieces are executed in a variety of mediums and often include oil, acrylic, digital images, matter painting mediums, collage, and found objects. 

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