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Celestial Navigation

Lisa DeLong

February 3rd - February 25th, 2023

Fundamentally, these two symbols are echoed and implied in every curved arc and straight
line. Embedded in the process of drawing is an exploration of their interdependent
symbolism. They are drawn with compasses and square.

Celestial Navigation explores the interrelationship of Earth and Heaven and how we
navigate their tensions as individuals and communities. Amidst the geometry, the number
12 is a recurring theme. This number is connected with cosmological governance and
inextricably linked to our regulation of time and space.

These works seek a balance of care and chaos. Lines precisely drawn with technical pens are
paired with handmade paints full of natural variation. These paintings also feature two
metals: gold – eternal and unchanging; and copper – like us, responsive to the environment.
Several patterns in this body of work reflect the influence of Islamic geometric design and
Western cathedral architecture. Lisa is deeply indebted to the wisdom, generosity, and
insight of those who precede and accompany her in geometric exploration.


wholeness, unity, eternity, completeness, the mother of shape,boundedness, perfection, the Divine


SQUAREgrounded, fixed, orientation, stability, enclosure, structured,materiality and physicality, constancy amid change



The Artist

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