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Analog - Art Prints by Brian Kershisnik and Robert De Groff

Please join us Friday, July 7th, at 6 pm for the opening reception of ANALOG, an exhibition of hand-pulled art prints by Brian Kershisnik and Robert De Groff.

Brian and Robert studied printmaking together in graduate school in Texas. Robert is a master mezzotintist, producing immaculate and stunningly complex images in open print editions. Brian, though known primarily as a painter, produces images in highly variable print editions, reminiscent of much of his painted work.

Art prints are original works, not reproductions. But they are also often comparatively affordable, and can be a wonderful point of entry into collection original fine art.

Come and see these unique and compelling works, meet the artists, and learn more about these fascinating, if under-appreciated, artistic traditions and methods.

The reception is free and open to the public, and light refreshments will be served