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If Thy Right Hand Offend Thee: Works by Matt Gong

Please join us this Thursday evening at 7 pm for a presentation and demonstration by renowned oragami artist Matthew Gong. Matt will present on the history of paper folding in fine art and provide an impressive real-time demonstration. His presentation will mark the opening of a month-long exhibit of his paper sculptures in Writ & Vision's upstairs gallery space.

Matt is a Provo based origami artist who has worked in paper for the last two decades. He is self-taught and draws inspiration from origami masters like Robert Lang, Eric Josiel, and Akira Yoshizawa. Matt is pushing the boundaries of his medium by promoting the expressive movement in origami; he specializes in the human form and capturing emotion through folds. His art work has been shown at national origami conferences, the BYU Museum of Art and featured in the winning submission of the National Science Foundation Visualization Challenge. However, this exhibit is the solo debut of his expressive style.

The show is entitled, "If Thy Right Hand Offend Thee." It is a collection of origami sculptures that explore themes of sacrifice, identity, and reconciliation. It is a set of stories told through human figure.