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I Give You Powers: Fidalis Buehler Show Opening

Join us Friday evening, October 7th, at 6 pm for a special reception to open a new exhibit, I Give You Powers featuring works by Fidalis Buehler. 

Trained in BYU's MFA program, Fidalis is a Pacifika artist and convert to Mormonism. His work is has strong narrative and nostalgic components, and is often described as an example of 'faux-naïveté,' a visual dialect that balances a child-like, free, expressive simplicity against undercurrents of seriousness---a reality not accessible through more realist representations. In this show those thematic undercurrents include both the power as well as the fleeting, impermanent traces of memories, histories, clarities, and instinctive drives, refracted through remembered stories of childhood.

Few artists in the Mormon world produce work as recognizably iconic Buehler's, and few are as universally acclaimed by their artist peers.

I Give You Powers will run through the end of October, and Friday's reception is free and open to the public.