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Mark Hofmann: Re-Evaluating the Damage, 30 Years Later

This month marks the 30 year anniversary of document forger Mark Hofmann's infamous bombing murders. The bombings were an attempt to prevent discovery of his fraudulent activities, and both the murders and the forgeries had profound, and ramifying influence on the LDS Church, its membership, and Mormon historical scholarship and documentary research.

On Thursday, October 22nd at 7 pm, Writ & Vision will host a roundtable panel re-assessing Hofmann's continued impact. The panel will include:

--Ryan Roos, rare book expert and historical document curator, whose experience evaluating and appraising private collections has entailed recurring contact with Hofmann's work.

--Mike MacKay, historian and professor of Church History and Doctrine at BYU, author of numerous books on LDS history, whose work for the Church History Library on the Joseph Smith Papers Project has led to a significant reassessment of Hofmann's impact on the Library's document collection.

--Brad Kramer, an LDS anthropologist and historian whose ethnographic research on contemporary Mormonism has focused, in part, on the impact of the Hofmann story on disaffiliation from the LDS Church.

In addition to the panel, Writ & VIsion will be exhibiting a number of Hofmann's personal documents, including pieces from the infamous McLellan Collection (which he tried to destroy with the third bomb).

This event is free and open to the public.